Springpower International team in cathode material for li-ion

is a proud Canadian company incorporated in 2010 and provides clean cathode material to battery manufacturers.

The Team

Dedication, Scientific All-stars and Leadership

Springpower's  team has a solid technical background and broad industrial experience in electrochemical materials that include lithium mixed metal oxides, carbon and silicon based anode materials for Li-ion batteries; substrate and active materials for NiMH and NiCd batteries; nickel and ceramic materials for SOFC; alloy catalysts for PEMFC and AFC, and manganese oxide based materials for super-capacitors, etc.

Michael Wang

Michael Wang, MBA

15 yrs in the field
Former Director sales Inco China
Former SVP marketing & sales of a NASDAQ listed battery company
Harris Yang

Harris Yang, Ph.D

20 yrs in the field
Former Sr Technology Mgr of Vale INCO
Feng Zou

Feng Zou, Ph.D

20 years in the field
Former technology leader at Vale Inco

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Continuing to build...


The Springpower International advisory board continues to grow and add strength in legal, finance and business development to prepare for the commercialization of Springpower International's proprietary, cost effective, and environmentally benign production process for nickel rich, high capacity cathode materials for lithium ion batteries.

James Sbrolla

James Sbrolla, ICD.D
Business Advisor
Financial and environmental industries

Lyle Clark

Lyle Clarke 
Corporate Development Advisor
Cleantech Industries

Springpower Award

Springpower International in the News

The government of Canada awarded Springpower International a substantial award from Minister Bains of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The award was made to create well-paying middle class jobs from the opportunities created from Springpower's clean technology development of cathode material for li-ion batteries. The full announcement can be found here.


Springpower International Inc. was recognized for their work on producing environmentally friendly clean cathod materials for li-ion batteries from a provincial government fund.  The funding award was provided under the technology validation stream. More details and the funding amount can be found here. 


Springpower's proprietary process is a closed loop operation for producing precursors for the high nickel content cathode materials. The process is environmental friendly and generates NO effluent. The advantages of the process are not only effluent free but also lower cost and secure raw materials supply for North American supply chain.


Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the Low Carbon Innovation Fund have provided a grant of $4.2 Million to support commercialization of Springpower's zero-effluent process.

Electrovaya Inc., a Mississauga-based developer and manufacturer of lithium ion batteries for industrial equipment, is providing technical validation and acceptance testing and will be a key initial customer for Springpower's commercial output.

The MaRS Discovery District is providing helpful business and commercial support via its Clean Technology Team.

National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is providing key scientific and technical support through the Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization Team and the Vehicle Propulsion Technology Program Team

XTC New Energy Materials Ltd., a Xiamen-based manufacturer of cathode materials using the incumbent process, is providing technical knowhow on the conversion of Sprinpower's proprietary cathode precursors to the final product, and as an establish ed supplier to the EV industry, will be a key partner linking Springpower to market.