Our Mission

Are you ready for better greener batteries?

Springpower International will accelerate the growth of electric vehicles with greener and less costly battery materials and technologies.


Springpower can make essential cathode materials using little water and less energy, while generating no wastewater and avoiding the need for expensive wastewater treatment.


Springpower can deliver the lowest cost cathode materials that meet the exacting standards of the leading battery makers from any light industrial facility in North America.


Springpower's team has deep experience in Canada's mining, materials and battery industries, and the scientific, technical and engineering knowledge to scale up innovations in chemistry.


Better & Greener Li-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries made from a combination of Lithium, Nickel and either Cobalt/Aluminum or Manganese/Cobalt have proved to be the best way to power electric passenger vehicles. They charge quickly, are comparatively lightweight, and deliver the power and performance that drivers expect.


The process currently used to make cathode materials for use in a Li-Ion battery requires a great deal of water and caustic chemicals, and generates volumes of waste effluent containing ammonia, metal salts and metal particles. As a result, a material production facility requires an expensive water treatment plant in a heavy industry area far from where the batteries are made. In fact, the cost of supplying cathode materials to battery makers today is over 30% of the price paid by the battery maker.

Springpower Solution

Springpower has created a patent pending closed-loop process, which uses over 95% less water and 70% less energy, and that produces zero effluent. This means that Springpower does not require a water treatment plant to make the material, and can locate a production plant in any light industrial area in North America. This makes Sprinpower the lowest cost and most convenient "just-in-time" supplier to the North American electric vehicle industry.

Springpower Scale-up Plan

Springpower has proved the efficacy of its technology via its 24/7 continuously operating pilot plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and is currently increasing production to 500 tonnes per year with a new commercial scale production plant to open within the next year. This plant will produce materials for Li-ion batteries destined for industrial equipment such as forklifts. This will be followed by a 10,000 tonne per year plant to serve the electric vehicle industry.

Li-ion Battery

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Springpower Advantage to EV Supply Chain

The current supply of cathode material for the electric vehicle (EV) market is well below projected EV market growth. Springpower International is positioned to help fill this shortage in supply with a superior cathode process and material for Li-ion battery production.

Best Price Supplier

With the lowest production costs in the industry, Springpower will always be able to supply its customers with cathode materials that meet their exacting standards at the lowest price.

Springpower Cathode Production Less Water


Springpower Cathode Production Less Energy


Springpower Cathode Production Less Cost

Springpower International Green

Convenient Local Supply

Zero effluent production means Springpower can produce its materials in any light industrial setting in North America, providing convenient "just in time" supplies, and a complete North American supply chain for vehicle manufacturers.

Greener Product

Consumers, especially pioneers in the electric vehicle market, like to know that their purchase is good for the environment. Utilizing Springpower's zero-effluent cathode materials eliminates a significant environmental downside, and enhances the environmental efficacy of electric vehicles.


    Springpower International has created a proprietary closed-loop process to produce clean cathode material for li-ion battery manufacturers.


    Springpower International has a growing list of battery manufacturers and institutional partners working towards cleaner battery technology.


    Springpower International has a dedicated team of experts in Canada all working towards the production of better materials for li-ion batteries.